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In The Beginning

We’re going vegan.  Cold turkey.  Or no more cold turkey; however you’d like to look at it.

My husband, David, and I watched Forks over Knives last night and we believe it.  That sounds simple, doesn’t it?  Changing our entire eating habits at the ages of 42 and 44 sounds super drastic to me.  I already miss turkey at Thanksgiving and chilli with fat hunks of hamburger in it and if I think about grilling in the summer by the pool I may very well break down and cry!  But, the level of obesity, heart disease and a myriad of other diseases that are caused mostly by what we put in our mouths is really…REALLY…astounding.  And having your chest cracked open, veins cut out of your leg and put in your heart so it’ll work or the epidemic of overweight people in our country is much MORE drastic to me.  I can live while missing meat for a little while.  I can’t live if my body stops working.  Not so drastic after all.

I’m thinking about something even more precious than those burgers with friends…time.  We have four kids and a finite amount of time with them.  Four awesome, yummy, sweet, lovely human beings that I want to see finish school, get married, fulfill the calling on their lives and then start the whole process over again with grandbabies and great-grands.  I think most people know we can’t  get the most out of our time and our lives shoving the junk we’re eating into our mouths, so we’ve decided to take responsibility for our health and our food.  And this is our journey.

First, we’re going to start with the 12 week challenge.  It’s simple, so we can stick to it.  (I mentioned I was scared, right? I want cake when I’m scared.)    For 12 weeks, we’re going to avoid all meat (if it had parents, we cannot eat it!!) and all dairy.  We’re going to cut down on refined sugars and bleached grains, but I’m going to be totally transparent here and say that we’ve decided to do this at Christmas (’cause making stuff SUPER hard is how we roll) and I’m going to do some simple baking with my girls and that’s going to mean sugar.  No milk, eggs or cheese, but we will be eating some sugar.  Will update that after the New Year and I’ll, of course, blog about it.

If you’d like to come along with us, I’ll be posting our first day of tossing things out (today is that day and I’ll post pics tomorrow…if I’m crying just ignore it) and recipes as we find our way along this new path for our family.  We’d love all the encouragement we can get and we would love to encourage you, too, so don’t be shy about leaving comments to let us know what you think and where you are on your life journey.