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The Plan: From Happy Carnivores to even Happier (and much healthier) Herbivores

We’re having Christmas dinner at our house this year.  I finally told my sister that we’ve made the decision to eat a plant based diet last night and the first words out of her mouth were, “You’re going to make Tofurky for Christmas!?!”.  …you have to say that in a horrified voice filled with dismay and keep in mind that I am a relatively good cook….

My answer, “What in the heck is Tofurky?!”    Seriously, I had to Google Tofurky.  I’d never heard of any such thing and no, I’m totally NOT serving that at Christmas dinner. (or any other time in the history of ever, thank you very much)

But, my husband and I have been discussing what our plan is for really embracing the plant based lifestyle.  We have four kids and we have very busy schedules (we both own businesses, we homeschool our three youngest, our oldest is in college, and I’m very politically active in our State…we’re busy, like most people), so we knew we’d need to formulate a plan and have goals.  I thought I’d share that with you today, mostly for accountability and to get my thoughts down in writing.  We have given ourselves a one year goal, with three month increments that we’d like to see very specific things happen.

The first three months we’re going to step knee deep into the water.  Diving in isn’t an option because I simply don’t have time to study facts, collect recipes, test said recipes and buy everything I’d want to buy to make this happen, so we’re going knee deep.  That means we’re going to embrace plant based eating, but I’m not going to stress over sugar, processed food (although I WILL be reading labels) or if everything is raw, right now.  We think three months is time to make sure we’re fully plant based and get our food back under our control.  The recipes I post will quite probably reflect that, but I hope to learn as I go and eventually create my own recipes like I used to do with a carnivorous lifestyle.

Months four through six will consist of us weeding out processed foods, as much as possible.  I’ve run upon recipes for making soy milk, seitan, corn chips, etc…that I’d like to explore, eventually.  And, of course, share them here.

We’ve always had a garden.  Actually, we’ve always had a relatively large garden, but we’ve never planned it well…we just kind of toss things out and hope.  This has been much more successful than it probably should have been, but we’re going to use February to really focus on soil enrichment (We’re doing this naturally with the compost we’ve always used and the worms that my husband and kids have always “grown”), as well as research ways to truly give back to the soil what we take from it.  We’re also going to take some time in January and February to plan the garden space out much more efficiently.  David, my man, has a background in graphic design, so this is right up his alley.  We hope to share the process here and really use this year to learn and experiment and then kick some booty the next year (2015) by applying what we learn in 2014.  I also can food and always have, so that will be shared pretty extensively here, as well.  I intend to double my canning and, hopefully, expand my pantry.

Months seven through nine are going to be dedicated to weeding out most, if not all, refined sugars.  You can imagine me crying on this end and that’s all I’ve got to say about that. (this will definitely be the hardest step for me)

Months ten through twelve will be used to refine what we’ve learned and expand on recipes for more raw eating and more interesting ways to eat a plant based diet.  My husband’s family is in the restaurant business and we’ve noticed a serious lack of vegan foods in our local grocery stores, but vegan restaurants are kind of like unicorns in our area.  They are the stuff of myths, people!  We’re praying about changing that because, seriously, who doesn’t want to be a unicorn, right?

So, there’s the one year plan.  I have no intention of heaping yuck on myself if we don’t reach every single milestone or if I don’t buy organic bean sprouts twice a week (don’t hate), but we are dedicated to enjoying this new change and really thriving in it.  We are also dedicated to finding ways to share what we learn, what we love, what we don’t love as much and how we feel as we go.

Finally, since the holidays are coming up, I probably won’t post as much, but I can’t wait to share our Christmas menu that I’ve planned and my family’s reaction. (I’ve only told my sister!)  We are a little cray cray, so there should be some fun stories to share for the New Year…and who doesn’t love that, right?

Kristi  🙂