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Mason Jar No Bake Oatmeal

Food continues to surprise me as we make our way into this new lifestyle. I’d always believed that I had a pretty broad range of food choices and that I sought out ways to incorporate more into our diet.  (you should picture me laughing mockingly here)  I was so wrong.  What I really did was grab a hunk of carcass and find something green and a potato to go with it.  Now, I’m finding that there’s an entire world of food out there that I’d somehow ignored.  Did any of you do that, as well?  Without even realizing it?

Anyway, I also didn’t eat breakfast.  I’ll be really transparent in saying that I still don’t love breakfast.  I just don’t wake up hungry.  But, I have noticed that I don’t wake up feeling repulsed by the thought of food any longer and the majority of my family wakes up acting like they haven’t had a bite of food in a week, so I tried to find things that were satisfying AND good that had nothing to do with loops of fruit or marshmellowy sugar floating in milk.  (not always the easiest task if it’s what you’ve primarily done for decades)

…Cue majestic music… Then, I found overnight, no bake oatmeal in a mason jar and people, I’m telling you I heard a choir sing when I made this stuff the first time!  My kids love it, and I not only eat it, but I look forward to it.  So, if you were like me and breakfast was kind of yucky for you, this may be the ticket.

Keep in mind that I cook for six, so adjust your recipe accordingly.  I use pint jars because it’s what I have from canning, but you use whatever works for you in your world.

The night before you want to eat this, pour steel cut old fashioned oats into your jars. (DO NOT USE QUICK COOKING OATS!)


I added one tablespoon of organic, grade A maple syrup and one tablespoon of organic, brown sugar to each jar:



Then, cover the oats with sweetened, vanilla almond milk, or whatever kind of dairy-free milk you like:


Stir it well and put a lid on your jars.  Slap ’em in the fridge and walk away.  When you get up in the morning, add some fruit and you get this beauty:


We’ve also made applesauce and cinnamon, as well as blueberries and vanilla.  I sweetened both of those options with one tablespoon of organic, raw honey. They were all wonderful!  (we used unsweetened, organic applesauce!)  This entire breakfast took me about six minutes to make the night before and when you wake up it’s ready in less than a minute!  It’s filled with fiber, protein and antioxidants and it’s wonderfully yummy!


Kristi  🙂