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A New Year To Go With Our New Life

We started our new journey less than two weeks before Christmas.  I thought it would be so hard and had mentally played the martyr.  (I’m dramatic, OK?)  It turns out that meat just isn’t that big of a deal.  The only thing that’s crossed my mind is a cheeseburger, which hasn’t been often.  My husband has sort of mourned a fat steak, but not overly much.  My kids miss eggs, which I think is funny considering we didn’t eat them too regularly to begin with.  They missed ice cream, but then I found this:


Mix a spoonful of this baby with some dark chocolate almond milk, chia seeds and a few slices of banana and I’m pretty sure we’ve discovered ambrosia.  (For real, you have to try this!)

Mostly, I haven’t thought much about what I’m “missing” so much as I’ve thought about all that I’m gaining.  In the three weeks since we first stepped tentatively on this path, we’ve already experienced one huge benefit:  The afternoon slumps are gone.  I was a case study of the 3:00pm can’t go on, I’m too tired to breathe, 10pm can’t get here soon enough, type of person. I’m an early riser, but I knew that I shouldn’t be that tired or that worn out every afternoon. Within one week of following a plant based diet, my afternoon slumps disappeared. (Can I get an amen?!)  I’ve also lost six pounds in three weeks without changing anything else about my lifestyle. (Another amen?)

So, this New Year begins with this: In 2014 my goal is simply to fully grasp and accept that my choices affect my life.  I am the boss of myself and I am responsible for what I allow to happen to me. What I eat affects my life and what I get out of it.  Even in three short weeks I’ve already begun to see the benefits of plant based eating.  I want to fully grasp that I am the steward of the body that God gave me and no one else but myself can take full responsibility for that.  What’s more, I want to share what I’m learning with everyone I know.  I know people who suffer from severe arthritis, high blood pressure, weight issues, diabetes, depression, anxiety and more, but all of it can be either alleviated or severely reduced simply by taking responsibility for what you eat.  Food IS the medicine.  It really is that simple.  Believe it.  I want to be transformed by the renewing of my mind with the Word and transformed by the renewing of my mind and body toward the food I allow to cross my lips. 

The more I read, learn, and study, the more I’m convinced that medical doctors simply do not have enough information about nutrition.  Did you know that less than 6% of ALL medical doctors have ANY nutritional education? That’s not acceptable.  However, the truth remains that we, as stewards of our own body and selves, are not excused from taking responsibility for ourselves. 

I hope that 2014 is a year that I can learn, grow and educate myself and my family about the medicinal benefits of the food that God Himself provides.  I pray that 2014 is the year that I can share what I learn and understand more fully the relationship that food plays in our lives, our health and our well-being. 

Happy New Year!!! 

Up next:  More recipes, more raw foods and the first step on the path to eliminate more processed foods and refined sugars.

Kristi  🙂