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Raw Vegan “Chocolate” Coconut Date Rolls

I want something sweet.  I’m not really saying that as a present tense statement.  That’s just more of a general statement because I always want something sweet.  I would love to be like those women that say, “Oh…I don’t really like sweets.”  Alas, I’m not that woman.  I’m that woman that loves sweet things like a baby loves its blanket.

I was fiddling with some dates the other night and really wanted a base for lots of sweets, not just one particular thing.  So, when you’re reading this recipe, think of it as a base for whatever you’d like to have at any given time.  The bonus?  It’s healthy, raw and vegan.  It could be love.

First grab some Medjool dates.  They’re sweeter.  I got mine at the local Fresh Market, but I’d say any Whole Foods or even some grocery stores will carry them.  I used 15 and had to do two batches.

First, pit them.  It’s super simple.  Just slide a knife firmly along one edge and then squeeze each end.  It pops open and the pit comes out.  Like this:


Pit them and then put them in your processor with one heaping tablespoon of organic, unsweetened cocao, and 1/2 cup of unsweetened, organic coconut.


Mix it until it becomes “dough”.  You’ll know or your processor will let you know.  Mine took about 45 seconds and I pulsed it a few times.

Place your “dough” on a piece of wax paper or whatever floats your boat that it won’t stick to.  Caution:  It sticks to everything like super duper glue that happens to taste good.  And it looks like dog poo.


You can get a spoon and scoop it up to form small log shapes, but I just tore it off and rolled it up in my hands.  It’s funner that way.  After you form them, roll them in whatever you like.  We rolled ours in more unsweetened coconut and then zested an orange over them.  My hubby tried some lime zest but it was super tart.  You could use walnuts, pistashios, pecans, agave nectar, etc…  Really, anything that you want.  Again, this was a base and the whole point is to have something sweet that you can add to or take away from depending on what you want at that time.  This entire process took less than 15 minutes.  (even cooler!)


Enjoy!  I’d love to hear if anyone makes these and if you add something that’s super awesome!  We thought peppermint would rock during Christmas.

Kristi  🙂