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Vegan Breakfast Burritos

Breakfast is a huge deal at our house.  All of my kids, as well as my man, roll out of bed saying that they’re hungry.  I tend to want to hang back for an hour or so, but I think they might pass out.  For real.  So, I knew I needed to come up with breakfast options apart from grain cereals, fruit and oatmeal. (Although, they are loving the no cook oatmeal in mason jars I’ve been making! It kind of rocks. Have you had it, yet?!)

Here’s what we came up with and I think they’re pretty fabulous:

First, use a sliver of vegan butter to saute (I, literally, used a sliver and it was enough for five burritos).  Add in a small, diced onion and whatever kind of peppers that float your boat. I used red and orange sweet vine peppers.  Salt and pepper to taste.


While these are cooking, grab your tortilla and throw some raw spinach and Daiya cheese on it.  We used cheddar because the kids like it, but I think pepperjack would rock this! 


I added the spinach and cheese before adding my “eggs” and other yummies because the heat from the tortilla and the cooked ingredients will wilt the spinach and melt the cheese to make it all kinds of good!  Next, toss extra firm tofu in your pan and add a touch of sea salt.


Over the last week, we’ve used tofu about four times.  The key is to get it dry enough.  I finally did that by wrapping it in a towel, then wrapping it in another towel and then sitting it on a third towel and slapping some cook books on top of all those towels hiding my tofu.  In about 15 minutes, it was perfect and cooks up SO much better!!  For real, it needs to be dried well.

Then slap your cooked ingredients on top of your spinach and cheese:


Fold it up, add some fruit and some salsa and chow down.  This picture is of my youngest daughters burrito, who eats the least amount of breakfast.  (I have no idea why I didn’t use one that was full, fat and overflowing, but I didn’t) 


Finally, one of THE best things about these is that they can be frozen! That tickles me pink, because sometimes life is hectic in the mornings, right?  Grabbing these and tossing them in the microwave or oven is so much simpler than having to run around making breakfast, plus these can be portable, if you’re brave.  I have these left in my freezer right now.  (I hate the lighting in this photo. It kinda looks like zombie burrito lighting, but I couldn’t get the depth to pick up on the other settings. It is what it is.)


Enjoy!  Kristi  🙂



Going Vegan…the Simple Stuff

We love food.  I mean, we really love food.  We like butter and chocolate and cream cheese and snacks and cream cheese.  (I know cream cheese is there twice.  Stop laughing.)  Even after reading other vegan blogs, there were some really simple things that we didn’t know, and since we’re busy today and I don’t have time to post the AWESOME breakfast burritos I made this morning (I promise to do that sometime this week because you need to know about them!), I decided to do a quick tribute to the simple stuff that I wish someone had made readily available on their blog.  So, here goes:

I actually mourned coffee creamer.  When it’s warm, or even tolerable weather, my man and I sit on the deck outside our bedroom and have coffee and talk almost every single night after the kids hit the sack.  The truth is, he has coffee and I have some creamer with a dash of coffee.  Guess what I found yesterday at our local store (that is NOT a whole foods place or even a Fresh Market)?  This beauty that actually tastes yummy:


Totally dairy free and it comes in plain and Hazelnut, as well.  I’m SO happy!!

And then this:



Vegan BUTTER!!!! I used it this morning when I was sauteing the onions and peppers for the vegan breakfast burritos and it MELTS!  It melts just like butter and tasted fabulous!  We have vegan butter! (I know long term vegan’s are probably reading this and thinking…Bless her, heart…but, I seriously had no idea these things would be easy to find and I wish somebody had written this post somewhere easier to find!)  I have vegan butter and creamer.  Score!

I also thought that chips made out of bean sprouts, whole grains and nothing but things I can pronounce would stink.  I was wrong.  I was just flat wrong.  They are GREAT!  You have to read the ingredients to make sure you’re not getting some weird “diglyceride polysorbate 80 crap” (I made that name up, but it’s close enough), but they are out there in abundance!  They go really well with the homemade hummus I made in yesterday’s post, too!

There’s also Diaya vegan cheese products, which really need their own post.  They melt.  They taste like cheese.  They make…this deserves a pause….VEGAN CREAM CHEESE!  They make plain cream cheese and cream cheese with onion and chives and strawberry cream cheese.  And it tastes like cream cheese!  I’m possibly having a love affair with it.  It’s dairy free and it still tastes good!  …insert a stupid happy dance…   (I told you in my very first post you could laugh at me over cream cheese…laugh away, sugar!)  I’m happy.

Full disclosure:  I could only find this at our local Publix and The Fresh Market.  They are, of course, at Whole Foods, but we don’t have one of those less than 45 minutes away.  The traditional grocery stores that are super close to my house didn’t carry anything but Go Veggie, which is NOT vegan (I didn’t know that when we started our journey, as evidenced by post titled “Day 1”).  Daiya. That’s what you’re looking for!

So, if you’re new to this lifestyle like we are, or you simply think we’re whacked out because you thought we’d only be eating lettuce and juicing, I’m tickled pink to tell you that there are plenty of vegan choices out there that mean you don’t miss out on anything that carnivores eat.  Well, except heart disease, diabetes, and a plethora of other diseases that can be overcome simply by taking responsibility for what you eat. (I personally know someone who had arthritis and the vegan lifestyle has erased that from her life, too!) It’s just not that hard.  I hope this encourages you, because finding these simple things really encouraged me.

Kristi  🙂