Vegan Margherita Sandwich

I’m ready to start gardening so badly that I spend most of my evenings reading my gardening books and thinking of ways to pack the most punch for our space.  We’re blessed because we live on over an acre and our garden is a good size and usually produces pretty well.  I’m sending my soil sample to Clemson next week, and I’m thrilled!  (They do soil sampling for six bucks in case you’ve never done that!!)

Tomatoes are one of my favorite things to grow and eat.  I love how they look, how they smell, how they taste and how abundant they are in my part of the country.  I’d just mentioned to Dave that I’d be glad to get a “real” tomato once summer comes blazing in because whatever the things they have in the grocery stores down here in the winter, are not “real” tomatoes to a Southern girl.  And then I walked in the Fresh Market and they had some heirlooms sitting on the front counter and I may have made a tiny noise of excitement when I saw them based on the sweet greeters face.  Or it could have been that the young greeter is always normally hesitant to speak to customers (but I doubt it!).  Who can say?

So, I decided to make a Margherita sandwich with a few twists because heirlooms need special treatment, even if they are winter heirlooms.  I’d found some rice bread at the Fresh Market, too, so what better way to make use of a bread I’d never tried than with flavors that I love?


First, get a good bread! (I liked the gf rice bread, but I’d use grain next time)  Then, get your tomatoes, hummus, basil (dried or fresh…I used dried because I didn’t have fresh and it was fine), Vegenaise, Daiya mozzarella,kale and salt and pepper.


Place 1/2 cup of garlic hummus in a small bowl and mix one to two heaping tablespoon(s) of dried basil into the hummus.


Smear as much hummus/basil mixture onto one slice of the bread as you’d like and smear some Vegenaise onto the other slice.  Place your mozzarella, tomato and kale on the sandwich, salt and pepper to taste and close her up.



Place your sandwich in a skillet on med-low heat in a sliver of vegan butter (I use Earth Balance).  I use an iron skillet because I like the way it cooks the bread much better! Cook each side about 2 minutes and then flip. I turned my sandwich twice and recooked each side to make sure my cheese was melted well and my bread had a nice crunch.


This was wonderful and easy!  I think the garlic, basil hummus really made the sandwich, so if you have that on hand, give it a shot!


Kristi  🙂

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