Homemade Vegan Hummus!!!

I didn’t learn to be a good cook until after I married, which was 17 years ago. I existed on snacks until I wanted to feed my family.  Now that we’ve dumped meat and dairy, I’m having to relearn lots of what I learned the first time, but I think that I can apply the basics and hopefully David (my man) will eat less food he has to pretend to like than he did the first time around.

Yesterday, we started with the small stuff as far as cooking goes… homemade hummus and kale chips.  I already loved store bought hummus, but surely knowing everything that’s in it is better, right?  So I dumped some garbanzo beans (also called chickpeas) in the crockpot around 8am and left them there until around 4.  I started them on high the first hour, but if you work outside the home, just leave them on low all day…. it won’t make a difference.

Sorry for the crappy pic. Turns out, steam is hot!  Just garbanzo beans and some sea salt (this is one bag of dried garbanzo beans).


Then, you drain ’em…but don’t stress over “drying” them and stuff. You’re getting ready to add water and oil, so no need for all that.


Then dump them in your food processor/blender (not all of them…just enough that your blades can still do their job) or if you have the patience, I suppose you could just mash them to death until they are the consistency you want.  I’m not that patient.  And besides, this is my precious. (not really kidding)  Ninja’s are awesome!!


Once you’ve dumped your beans in your baby (whatever its name happens to be), then add some garlic.  This part is tricky because everyone’s garlic preferences are unique. So if you like a lot of garlic, a little garlic or you think Dracula is real and this is your only defense, it’s a personal call.  This is how much I used:


Then dump some sea salt in:


Then add about 1/2 cup of water and whatever other spices or veggies you’d like.  We like red pepper, so I used about this much in each batch that I made:


Then I pulsed them for a while.  This actually took a good while because I like my consistency for hummus to be nice and creamy.  While you’re pulsing add olive oil:


When your hummus is the consistency you’d like, taste test it!  I added a pinch more salt and then threw some black pepper in for good measure and pulsed it some more.  The end!Image

The first batch is almost gone, so I guess I’ll drag the other one out of the freezer, so it’s ready when the family starts asking for it!  (which thrills me to no end, people!)  One bag of garbanzo beans made four full batches of hummus, by the way.  Each one of these ingredients were used each time I started a new blender full of beans.  The last batch we added some dried pepper flakes that gave it some kick.  It was my man’s favorite, while the kids and I liked the plainer version better.

We’re making some butternut squash soup today, so if it turns out this well, I’ll surely share it.  It not, then kale chips will be a fun post because they make your house smell like dog booty!

Kristi  🙂

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