On the First Day!!

We survived.  Actually, we kind of thrived.  (yay!)

We took all of our meat, eggs, cheese (that wasn’t already open) and dairy to the Soup Kitchen.  (If you guys haven’t been to one of those, they are some of the kindest people in the history of EVER!)  Here’s our goodbye photos:

There’s salmon (canned, which is kind of gross and I can’t see how I didn’t see that before), oils, eggs, ect…in there.  We also took a big ‘ole turkey, some chicken and some beef tips, but I can’t find the photo now.  Probably for the best.  It’s not cool to cry in front of people I may not know well, but I really love turkey.   Now, I’m going to love live turkeys…not turkey carcass.  (say carcass about 20 times when you think of meat.  It somehow loses some of it’s luster.  Carcass…. Dead flesh. Carcass.  Gross)


And here’s what we replaced it with:




We dried those green beans last night in the dehydrator and OMGosh!!  We just added a little sea salt and they were yummy!  We’re making kale chips and homemade hummus today.  I’ll post those recipes and how it turned out tomorrow!

Thanks again for following our journey.  I can’t believe how much support we’ve already received from friends that have already adopted this lifestyle.  One of those friends actually saw her arthritis reversed and is now doing yoga!  I did not know this when I posted our new page on Facebook and she answered me!  She shared some rather glorious recipes with me, too.  I’ll be sharing my favorite recipes as we go along, so be looking for those!  (She looks like a stinkin’ beauty queen after her weight loss, too, but I’m trying to tell myself that’s just the added bonus, not the goal.  Funny though…I’ve repeated that to myself about 12 times now, so maybe I’ll just own that I’m tickled that weight loss is a really COOL added bonus for taking responsibility for what we put in our mouths, OK?)


2 responses to “On the First Day!!

  1. So excited for you guys and stalking your progress! One thing I did notice from these pictures, though. The Go Veggie! cheese slices. If you read the ingredients, they have milk (casein) in them. The name is misleading, and my brother, Michael, and his family fell for the same trap. Try to find a cheese called Daiya. They made cheddar slices, blocks of Havarti and other flavors for melting into recipes like salsa, mozzarella and cheddar shreds, plain and onion/chive cream cheese that are TERRIFIC on flaxseed-millet bagels! My daughter says Kroger carries it where she lives. I live in NC, just over the Landrum state, and there’s a little local health food store in Tryon, NC called Nature’s Store House that carries most of the Daiya products because I asked them to about a year ago. If you can call around health food stores, I’m betting you can find somewhere to purchase it. Here’s there link. BTW, Mellow Mushroom carries Daiya to put on their pizzas for vegan customers, all you have to do is ask :D! http://us.daiyafoods.com/products/dairy-free-cheese-slices/cheddar-style-slices

    • Thank you!! We’re actually doing a grocery run this afternoon because I wanted those Daiya products you told me about! I’m having so much fun doing this!

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